2021 >  events supported + Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of invitations
Ecoles CIRM-IHP : 2 semaines
2329 – Spring School on Symplectic and Contact Topology (Barraud,Eliashberg,Massot,Vaugon) VIRTUAL EVENT
2558 From Hamiltonian Dynamics to Symplectic Topology (Damian,Hofer,Humilère,Oancea,Vichery) VIRTUAL EVENT

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: xxxx events
2153 Mathematical Aspects of Physics with Non-Self-Adjoint Operators: 10 years After (Boulton,Krejcirik,Siegl)
2154 – Relative Aspects of the Langlands Program, L-Functions and Beyond Endoscopy (Beuzart-Plessis,Heiermann,Kim,Prasad) VIRTUAL EVENT
2313 – Algebraic and Combinatorial Invariants of Subshifts and Tilings (Berthe,Cortez,Durand,Hosseini,Petite)
2546 Advancing Bridges in Complex Dynamics (Benini,Drach,Dudko,Hlushchanka,Schleicher)
2564 – French Computer Algebra Days (Bardet,Busé,Koseleff,Vaccon) VIRTUAL EVENT
2296 Set Estimation: a Bridge between Spatial Statistics and Stochastic Geometry (Biscio,Di Bernardino,Duval,Rodriguez Casal) VIRTUAL EVENT
2565 ALEA Days (Addario-Berry,Albenque,Kortchemski) VIRTUAL EVENT
2299 Shape Optimization, Spectral Geometry and Calculus of Variations (Bucur,Fragala,Henrot) VIRTUAL EVENT
2397 High-Dimensional Phenomena (Fradelizi,Gozlan,Guédon,Merlevède,Zvavitch) CANCELLED
2320 D-modules: Applications to Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic and Mirror Symmetry (Hertling,Sabbah,Sevenheck) POSTPONED 11-15 APRIL 2022
2339 – 
Chromatic Homotopy, K-Theory and Functors (Ausoni,Hess Bellwald,Powell,Vespa,Touzé) POSTPONED 23-27 JANUARY 2023
Spring School in Theoretical Computer Science (EPIT) (Fawzi,Kashefi,Perdrix) VIRTUAL EVENT
2225 Herglotz-Nevanlinna Functions and their Applications to Dispersive Systems and Composite Materials (Bonnet-BenDhia,Cassier,Gralak,Luger,Milton) POSTPONED 23-27 MAY 2022

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 2331 Thematic Month: Mathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data
2472: week 1 – Mathematics, Signal Processing and Learning (Anthoine,Chaux,Kadri,Richard)
2473: week 2 – Harmonic Analysis, Multiscale Representations and Applications to Large-Scale Data, Modeling and Numerical Simulations (Domingues,Escande,Mélot, Schneider,Torrésani) CANCELLED
2474: week 3 – Statiscal Analysis of Images and their Derived Objects (Escande,Richard) CANCELLED
2475: week 4 – Mathematics for Audio and Music Signal Processing (Emiya,Mélot,Thoret,Torrésani,Kronland-Martinet) CANCELLED
2476: week 5- (Bio-)Medical Imaging, Neuro-Imaging and Related Signals (Anthoine,Boursier,Chaux,Lefèvre,Shintu) CANCELLED

Jean-Morlet Chair:  4 events
2354 Scaling Limits from Microscopic to Macroscopic Physics (Bostan,Jin)
2355 – Kinetic Equations: From Modeling Computation to Analysis (Bostan,Jin,Mehrenberger) VIRTUAL EVENT
2570 – Milnor Fibrations, Degenerations and Deformations from Modern Perspectives (Budur,Fernandez de Bobadilla,Pichon)
2571 – Faces of Singularity Theory (Fernandez de Bobadilla,Mann,Pichon)