Algebraic and Combinatorial Invariants of Subshifts and Tilings
Invariants combinatoires et algébriques des décalages et des pavages

11 – 15 January 2021

Scientific Committee
Comité scientifique

Michael Baake (University of Bielefeld)
Thierry Giordano (University of Ottawa)
Emmanuel Jeandel (Université de Nancy)
Alejandro Maass (University of Chile)
Natalie Priebe Frank (Vassar College)

Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Valérie Berthé (CNRS – Université de Paris)
Maria-Isabel Cortez (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)
Fabien Durand (Université de Picardie Jules Verne)
Maryam Hosseini (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences Iran)
Samuel Petite (Université de Picardie Jules Verne)

This conference will gather researchers working on different topics such as combinatorics, computer science, probability, geometry, physics, quasicrystallography, … but sharing a common interest: dynamical systems and more precisely subshifts, tilings and group actions.

It will focus on   algebraic and dynamical invariants   such as group automorphisms, growth of symbolic complexity, Rauzy graphs, dimension groups, cohomology groups, full groups, dynamical spectrum, amenability, proximal pairs, …
With this conference we aim to spread out these invariants outside of their original domains and to deepen their connections with combinatorial  and dynamical properties.

Cette conférence a pour but de  rassembler des chercheurs travaillant sur les thèmes suivants : combinatoire, informatique théorique, géométrie, physique, quasicristallographie, … partageant un intérêt commun pour les systèmes dynamiques, les pavages et les actions de groupes.

Elle sera concentrée sur les invariants de systèmes dynamiques provenant de ces domaines tels que  les groupes d’automorphismes, la croissance de la complexité symbolique, les graphes de Rauzy, les groupes de dimension, les groupes de cohomologie, les groupes pleins, le spectre dynamique, la moyennabilité, les paires proximales, etc. Un des buts étant d’approfondir leurs connections avec les propriétés combinatoires et dynamiques des systèmes dynamiques.


Pierre Arnoux (Aix-marseille Université)  Isometric embedding of translation surfaces
Christopher Cabezas (Université Picardie Jules Verne)  Structure of multidimensional constant shape substitutions
Julien Cassaigne (Aix-marseille Université)  An aperiodic uniformly recurrent multidimensional word with low complexity
Paulina Cecchi (University of Chile)  Orbit equivalence and complexity in subshifts
Nishant Chandgotia (TIFR Bangalore)   Universality in tilings: Some old results and some new
Sebastián Donoso (University of Chile)    Pointwise multiple averages for sublinear functions
Julien Esnay (ENS Lyon)   Weakly and Strongly Aperiodic SFTs on Baumslag-Solitar Groups
Bastián Espinoza (University of Chile)     Minimal dynamics of finite topological rank
Jon Fickenscher (Princeton University)   Number of Ergodic Measures for Minimal Shifts
Damien Gaboriau (CNRS ENS Lyon)   On dense totipotent free subgroups in full groups
Felipe García-Ramos  (The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí)   Completely positive entropy and descriptive set theory
Nasser Golestani (Tarbiat Modares University)   Factors of finite rank Cantor minimal systems
Benjamin Hellouin De Menibus (Université Paris-Sud)   The domino problem on amenable groups
Olena Karpel (ILTPE NAS Ukraine / AGH University of Science and Technology)   Tail invariant measures on Bratteli diagrams and their generalizations
David Kerr (Texas A&M University)   Soficity
Sébastien Labbé CNRS LaBRI Bordeaux)    Rauzy induction of polygon partitions and toral Z^2-rotations
Mélodie Lapointe (IRIF Université de Paris)   Perfectly Clustering Words
Olga Lukina (University of Vienna)   Rotated odometers
Victor Lutfalla (LIPN – Université Paris 13)  Discrete planes and substitutions : the question of slopes
Neil Manibo (Bielefeld University)    Reversing and Extended Symmetry Groups of Bijective Substitution Subshifts
Nicolás Matte Bon (Université de Lyon)   Confined subgroups and high transitivity
Kostya Medynets (United States Naval Academy) – Presentations of Topological Full Groups by Generators and Relations
Daria Pchelina (Université Paris 13)  Triangulated ternary disc packings that maximize the density
Cristóbal Rivas (University of Santiago, Chile)    Representations of Higman’s group
Dan Rust (Bielefeld University)   Random substitutions and their dynamical invariants
Ville Salo (University of Turku)    Nilpotent Endomorphisms of Expansive Group Actions
Shrey Sanadhya (University of Iowa)  Bratteli-Vershik model for substitution dynamical systems on countably infinite alphabet
Scott Schmieding (University of Denver)    Local P entropy and stabilized automorphism groups
Yotam Smilansky (Rutgers University)   Classification and statistics of cut-and-project sets
Boris Solomyak (Bar-Ilan University)   On the spectral cocycle for substitutions and S-adic systems
Rodrigo Treviño (University of Maryland)  Quantitative weak mixing for random substitution tilings
Pascal Vanier (Université Paris-Est Créteil)   Turing degrees of subshifts
Kitty Yang (Northwestern University)     The Mapping Class Group of a Minimal Subshift