Symposium on Arithmetic Geometry and its Applications
Symposium sur la géométrie arithmétique et ses applications

6 – 10 February 2023


Scientific Committee 
Comité scientifique

Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University)
Mike Bennett (University of British Columbia)
Martin Bright (Leiden University)
Tim Dokchitser (University of Bristol)
Kiran Kedlaya (University of California San Diego)
Rachel Pries (Colorado State University)
Cecilia Salgado (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Lejla Smajlovic (University of Sarajevo)
Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden University)
Sarah Zerbes (University College London)


Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Samuele Anni (Aix-Marseille Université)
David Kohel (Aix-Marseille Université)
Jaclyn Lang (University of Oxford)
Rachel Newton (University of Reading)
Ekin Ozman (Boğaziçi University)

The conference will focus on the recent developments in arithmetic geometry, its applications and explicit and computational methods in approaching the relevant problems. There will be four main axes around which all talks will be organised: Automorphic forms and moduli spaces; Galois representations: geometric and constructive, modularity; Rational points and obstructions; Effective methods in arithmetic geometry. Leading experts in the field have accepted to contribute to the conference, making it a particularly interesting event.

La conférence se concentrera sur les développements récents en géométrie arithmétique, ses applications et les méthodes explicites et computationnelles pour aborder les problèmes pertinents. Il y aura quatre axes principaux autour desquels toutes les présentations seront organisées : Formes automorphes et espaces de modules ; Représentations galoisiennes : géométriques et constructives, modularité ; Points rationnels et obstructions ; Méthodes efficaces en géométrie arithmétique. Des experts de premier plan dans ce domaine ont accepté de contribuer à la conférence, ce qui en fait un événement particulièrement intéressant.

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Bas Edixhoven (Professor, Leiden University)

La conférence est dédiée à la mémoire de Bas Edixhoven


Francesca Balestrieri (The American University in Paris)   Descent and étale-Brauer obstructions for 0-cycle
Nicolas Billerey (Université Clermont Auvergne)   On Darmon’s program for the generalized Fermat equation of signature (r,r,p)
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène (Université Paris-Saclay)   Cycles de torsion non détectés par l’application de Jannsen
Alina Cojocaru (University of Illinois at Chicago) Frobenius traces for abelian varieties
Luis Victor Dieulefait (University of Barcelona)   Congruences between modular forms, with application to modularity and functoriality
Vladimir Dokchitser (University College London)   Elliptic curves: parity phenomena
Alex Ghitza (University of Melbourne)   On some aspects of Serre’s quaternionic study of modular forms (mod p)
Diego Izquierdo (École polytechnique)   Arithmetic of equations in a large number of variables
Timo Keller (Leibniz University Hannover)   Complete verification of the strong BSD conjecture for some absolutely simple modular abelian surfaces
Yukako Kezuka (Sorbonne Université)   Non-vanishing theorems for central L-values
Kamal Khuri-Makdisi (American University of Beirut)   An analog of the Edwards model for Jacobians of genus 2 curves
David Lilienfeldt (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   Experiments with Ceresa classes of cyclic Fermat quotients
Celine Maistret (University of Bristol)   Computing Euler factors of curves
Anna Medvedovsky (Boston University)   Deep congruences between same-weight eigenforms
Ariel Pacetti (University of Aveiro)   On the 2-Selmer group of Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Laura Paladino (University of Calabria)   Local-global questions for divisibility in commutative algebraic groups
Bharathwaj Palvannan (Indian Institute of Science)   The congruence ideal associated to p-adic families of Yoshida lifts
Beth Romano (King’s College London)   Graded Lie algebras and families of algebraic curves
Manami Roy (Fordham University)   Local data of isogenous elliptic curves
René Schoof (University of Rome Tor Vergata)   Finite flat group schemes over Z
Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial college London)   Computing the Brauer group
Lejla Smajlovic (University of Sarajevo)   Canonical generators of the function field on Atkin-Lehner groups and applications to explicit class field theory
Sam Streeter (University of Bristol)   Weak approximation for del Pezzo surfaces of low degree
Ashvin Swaminathan (Princetown University)   Counting integral points on symmetric varieties, and applications to arithmetic statistics
John Voight (Dartmouth College)   On some families of Jacobians with definite quaternionic multiplication