Representation Theory of Finite and p-adic Groups of Lie Type 
7 au 11 novembre 2016

This conference is the annual conference of the GDR Geometric and Algebraic Lie Theory.

The aim of this conference is to gather together specialists of finite Lie groups and p-adic groups to discuss questions and problems which arise in both areas.

This conference is aimed toward young researchers : there will be 2 mini-courses given by Olivier Dudas et Shaun Stevens and there will be a session reserved for short talks by PhDs and Post-docs. If you want to participate to this session please send us a proposition for your talk (

Scientific Committee

Meinolf Geck (University of Stuttgart)
Vincent Secherre (Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines)

Organizing Committee

Olivier Brunat (Université Paris Diderot)
Jérémie Guilhot (Université de Tours)
Sinéad Lyle (University of Eas
t Anglia)


Representations of finite reductive groups

Introduction to p-adic fields

Representations of p-adic groups and Hecke algebras

Long Talks

Extensions between Iwahori-Hecke modules for SL2(F) in characteristic p

An instance of involvement of Hecke algebras : a special case of base change for unitary groups

Yokonuma-Hecke algebras

Mod.p Hecke algebras for reductive p-adic groups (after Abe, Herzig, Henniart, Vigneras)

Cellular algebras and ane cellular algebras

Quasisemisimple classes

Multiplicity free actions of simple algebraic group

Short Talks

Bernstein-Zelevinsky derivatives and Hecke algebras   

Gindikin-Karpelevich finiteness for Kac-Moody groups over local fields   

About the theta correspondence for dual pairs over finite fields   

Algebraisation and geometrisation in higher Deligne-Lustig theory   

The tame inertial Langlands correspondence   

A derivedequivalence of full defect blocks of SL(2,q) in field of characteristic p