Classical HC theory   (pdf)
Categorical action of lie algebras   (pdf)

Representations of p-adic groups and Hecke algebras   (pdf)

Long talks

Quasi-semisimple classes   (pdf)

Multiplicity free actions of simple algebraic group   (pdf)

Short talks

Bernstein-Zelevinsky derivatives and Hecke algebras   (pdf)

Gindikin-Karpelevich finiteness for Kac-Moody groups over local fields   (pdf)

About the theta correspondence for dual pairs over finite fields   (pdf)

Algebraisation and geometrisation in higher Deligne-Lustig theory   (pdf)

The tame inertial Langlands correspondence   (pdf)

A derivedequivalence of full defect blocks of SL(2,q) in field of characteristic p   (pdf)