Random Trees and Maps : Probabilistic and Combinatorial Aspects
June 6-10, 2016
Trees and maps form a fertile and vibrant topic of current research, of interest to various communities within the mathematical sciences, in particular combinatorics, probability and mathematical physics.  As a consequence, there is a desire for an exchange of ideas between these communities which has never been more timely.  This meeting will gather together researchers from around the world, and who come at these models from different perspectives.  The aim will be to discuss the most recent progress on random trees and random maps, with a particular emphasis on both their probabilistic aspects (asymptotic geometry, scaling limits) and their combinatorial ones (asymptotic and bijective enumeration), as well as on the theoretical physics motivations for studying them.

Scientific Committee

Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill University)
David Aldous (University of California)
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou (Université de Bordeaux)
Jean-François Le Gall (Université Paris-Sud)

Organizing Committee

Christina Goldschmidt (University of Oxford)
Bénédicte Haas (Université Paris 13)
Grégory Miermont (ENS Lyon)


Convergence of odd angulations

Bootstrap percolation on G (n; p)

Yule processes with strong mutations, and their application to percolation on recursive trees

Vanishing corrections for the position of an FKPP front

Martingales in self-similar growth-fragmentations and their applications

Bipolar orientations in planar maps

Nesting statistics in the O(n) loop model on random planar maps

Geometry of random planar maps with high degrees

Random planar quadrangulations coupled to the O (n) loop model

Genealogical tree for stationnary quadratic branching process

Vertex Degrees in Planar Maps

Decomposition of Lévy trees along their diameter

Iterated shuffle products, random ballot sequences, random trees, and Doob-Martin boundaries

Evolving random genealogies: infinite divisibility and branching property

Infinite volume limit of the splitting vertex trees

Tree self-similarity based on Horton ordering and Tokunaga indexing

Weakly asymmetric bridges and the KPZ equation

Excursion theory for the Brownian snake, and applications to the Brownian map

Harmonic measure of balls in critical Galton-Watson trees

The geometry of large random non-crossing trees

Scaling limits of random planar maps towards the Brownian tree

Convergence of bivariate Markov chains to multi-type self-similar
processes, and applications to scaling limits of some random trees

Lévy trees and continuum limits of inhomogeneous continuum random

Interval-partition-valued diffusions