Vanishing corrections for the position of a linear KPP front   (pdf)

Bipolar orientations of planar maps   (pdf)

Nesting statistics in the O(n) loop model on random planar maps   (pdf)

Geometry of random planar maps with high degrees   (pdf)

O(n) model on random quadrangulations: the cascade of loop perimeters   (pdf)

Vertex Degrees in Planar Maps   (pdf)

Iterated shuffle products  (pdf)

Evolving Random Genealogies: Infinite Divisibility and Branching Property   (pdf)

Tree self-similarity based on Horton ordering and Tokunaga indexing   (pdf)

Weakly asymmetric bridges and the KPZ equation   (pdf)

Harmonic measure of balls in critical Galton-Watson trees   (pdf)

Geometry of large random non-crossing trees  (pdf)

Scaling limits of random planar maps towards the Brownian tree   (pdf)

Convergence of bivariate Markov chains to multi-type self-similar processes, and applications to scaling limits of some random trees   (pdf)