Semiclassical Analysis and Non-self-adjoint Operators
December 14 -18, 2015
The aim of the ANR project NOSEVOL, for which this will be the concluding conference,  is to study refined spectral, microlocal or semi-classical estimates for mainly non-selfadjoint operators and their applications to dynamical and evolution problems. This involves in particular resolvent type estimates, spectral and pseudospectral estimates, numerical simulations, Weyl law type estimates and resonances results. By evolution problems we mean scattering, diffusion, dissipation, damping, propagation or return to the equilibrium phenomena, arising in kinetic theory, relativity, superconductivity, oceanography  mathematical physics. The central idea of the project was to help interplay between researchers working on estimates and researchers studying or modeling evolution problems.

The conference will give an idea of the state of the art and the progresses in the study of non-selfadjoint operators at the end of the NOSEVOL project. Considerable breakthroughs have already been done in the recent years, and this will be also an occasion to listen to major actors in connected communities (in kinetic theory, dynamical systems, global analysis, statistical physics and mechanics)

Scientific Committee

Bernard Helffer (Université Paris-Sud)
Gilles Lebeau (Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis)
Johannes Sjöstrand (Université de Bourgogne)
Maciej Zworski (University of California, Berkeley)

Organizing Committee

Setsuro Fujiie (University of Ritsumeikan)
Frédéric Hérau (Université de Nantes)
François Nicoleau (Université de Nantes)
Thierry Ramond (Université Paris-Sud)
Joe Viola (Université de Nantes)
San Vu Ngoc (Université de Rennes 1)


Turning invariant measures on the torus into invariant measures on the line by passing to the limit

Spectral gaps via additive combinatorics

Classical Hamiltonian Systems, Driven out of Equilibrium, a Review

Scattering theory for Lindblad operators

Resonance widths for general Helmholtz resonators with straight neck

Invariant distributions and injectivity of X-ray transform for
Anosov flows

Distorted plane waves in chaotic scattering

Dispersion estimates for the wave and the Schrodinger equations outside strictly convex obstacle

Stark-Wannier ladders and cubic exponential sums

Malliavin Calculus of Bismut type for an operator of order four on a Lie group

Estimates on the molecular dynamics for the predissociation process

High energy asymptotics of the scattering matrix for Schroedinger and Dirac operators

Near soliton dynamics for the energy critical NLS

Location and Weyl formula for the eigenvalues of non self-adjoint operators

Non-linear partial differential equations in complex geometry

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of harmonic networks

Mean Field Limits for Ginzburg-Landau Vortices

Convergence of pseudospectra, constant resolvent norm and Schrödinger operators with complex potentials

Generic non-selfadjoint Zakharov-Shabat operators

The Feynman propagator and its positivity properties