Semiclassical Analysis and Non-self-adjoint Operators
December 14 -18, 2015

Spectral gaps and resonance counting for hyperbolic manifolds (pdf)

On Scattering theory for Lindblad operators (pdf)

Distorted plane waves in chaotic scattering (pdf)

Dispersion for the wave and the Schrodinger equations outside a strictly convex obstacle and counterexamples (pdf)

Stark-Wannier ladders and cubic exponential sums (pdf)

Malliavin Calculus of Bismut type for an operator of order four on a Lie group (pdf)

Estimates on the molecular dynamics for the predissociation process (pdf)

High Energy Asymptotics of the Scattering Matrix for Schroedinger and Dirac Operators (pdf)

Location and Weyl formula for the eigenvalues of non self-adjoint operators (pdf)

Non-linear partial differential equations in complex geometry (pdf)

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of harmonic networks (pdf)

Mean Field Limits for Ginzburg-Landau Vortices (pdf)

Convergence of pseudospectra, constant resolvent norm and Schrödinger operators with complex potentials (pdf)