If you need to apply for a visa to participate in one or several events at CIRM, this is what you should do:
1. Pre-register online for the event you are interested in on its dedicated webpage. Please enter your contact details carefully.

The organizers make a decision on your application. If accepted, you receive an automatic message from CIRM telling you to contact the International Coordinator if you need to apply for a visa.

2. Once the deadline for pre-registrations has passed, write to the International Coordinator and include in your message:
a) copy of the automatic ‘acceptation’ message in full 
b) your full name, exactly as it appears on your passport
c) your passport number
d) the full name of your institution
e) attach a scanned copy of your passport (photo page)


  • ONLY an official letter of confirmation from CIRM detailing your registration can be used to request travel authorization or a visa for participation in an event at our centre.
  • CIRM will never supply a « Convention d’accueil » from a Préfecture – this is not necessary for events staged at Cirm, as their duration is short.
  • ONLY actual participants in the event can be granted a letter. CIRM does not provide letters for visa application for any accompanying person.
  • The same letter (provided in French and in English) can serve to confirm an enrolment in an event (for example if you need proof to receive funding from your institution) and to apply for a visa (present it to the French Consulate / Embassy in your country).
  • The letter will be based on the exact dates of the event attended, including a possible arrival on the night before the event starts and a possible departure on the morning after it ends. Note that we cannot extend these dates. If you are staying longer or want to arrive before, you must supply the relevant invitation / hotel registration letters you have yourself arranged to the Consulate.
  • The letter will include the exact address of our centre CIRM where all academic events take place and where you will « normally » be hosted in our hotel (accommodation and meals). Note that if our hotel is full you may be lodged nearby in university accommodation. The Accommodation Officer at CIRM will provide all details and help you get a proof of accommodation in that case (contact:
  • The visa application letter mentions financial support. Note that some organizing teams have to wait for answers from sponsors and may decide quite late on the distribution of their budget. If the information is not known at the time your request arrives, the visa application letter may have to be delayed. If this is a problem, please contact the organizers and Cc the International Coordinator.

Please note that CIRM hosts a very high number of participants each year (over 4500 due in 2019, more than half from abroad).

Reminder: CIRM will provide only ONE bilingual letter per request. The letter will therefore be provided once the funding situation has been decided by the organizers, generally after the deadline for pre-registrations.