Statistical learning
February 1 – 5, 2016

Large-scale machine learning and convex optimization (pdf)

Apprentissage statistique et données massives (pdf)

Is adaptive early stopping possible ? (pdf)

Robust PCA via Lagrange duality (pdf)

Statistical learning with Hawkes processes and new matrix concentration inequalities (pdf)

Random forests variable importances: Towards a better understanding and large-scale feature selection (pdf)

About the Goldenshluger-Lepski methodology for bandwidth selection (pdf)

Subgaussian estimators of the mean (pdf)

Simplicial Manifold Reconstruction via Tangent Space Estimation (pdf)

Quantization, Learning and Games (pdf)

Eigenvalue-free risk bounds for PCA projectors (pdf)

A multi resolution framework for the statistical analysis of ranking data (pdf)

Robust online aggregation of ensemble forecasts with applications to the forecasting of electricity consumption and of exchange rates (pdf)

Oracle inequalities for network models and sparse graphon estimation (pdf)