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On the approximation of positive definite Hankel matrices   (pdf)

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Generalized matrix functions: properties, algorithms, and applications   (pdf)

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Computing matrix functions of infinite quasi- Toeplitz matrices   (pdf)

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Anderson Acceleration and the Reduced Rank Extrapolation   (pdf)

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Stabilized Time Schemes for nonlinear parabolic equations   (pdf)

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Uniqueness of solution of systems of generalized Sylvester and  *Sylvester equations   (pdf)

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Strong linearizations of rational matrices: theory and explicit constructions   (pdf)

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Solution of inverse hyperbolic problems via data-driven ROMs    (pdf)

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Block Lanczos Algorithm for Digital Colour Images   (pdf)

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Varying the s in s-step GMRES   (pdf)

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Iterative regularization in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces   (pdf)

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Fast nonnegative least squares through flexible Krylov subspaces   (pdf)

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An Alternating Modulus Nonnegative Least Squares Method for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization   (pdf)

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Ubiquitous Doubling Algorithms, General Theory and Applications   (pdf)

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Identification of hydraulic conductivity for salt- water intrusion problem in free aquifers   (pdf)

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Computing the Least Common Multiple of Polynomial Sets   (pdf)

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Approximated structured pseudospectra   (pdf)

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Fast and backward stable computation of the eigenvalues of matrix polynomials

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Vector estimates for the action of matrix functions on vectors   (pdf)

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The roots of GMRES polynomials need not influence GMRES residual norms    (pdf)

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A Framework for Structured Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials in Various Bases

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Block Kronecker Linearizations of Matrix Polynomials and their Backward Errors

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Multi-scale S-fraction reduced-order models for large wave problems   (pdf)

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Phase-preconditioned Rational Krylov Subspaces for model reduction of large-scale wave propagation   (pdf)