Present Challenges of Mathematics in Oncology and Biology of Cancer 
December 7 -11, 2015

  • Nicolas André (Timone Enfants AP-HM)

From Metronomic to…. Chaotic Therapy ?  (pdf)

Multiscale systems pharmacology for optimizing multidrug anticancer therapies (pdf)

Unearthing new genomic markers of drug response by improved measurement of discriminative power (pdf)

Modeling spontaneous metastasis following surgery and concomitant resistance: an in vivo-in silico approach (pdf)

Modeling Hematopoietic Cell Population Dynamics for Acute Myeloid Leukemia with Perspectives in Control (pdf)

Modelling of metastatic growth and in vivo imaging (pdf)

Mathematical Model of Cronic Meyloid Leukemia (pdf)

Microtubule dynamic instability, implication in oncopharmacology and Modeling (pdf)

Minimally Parameterized Mathematical Models for the Tumor Microenvironment: Challenges in Modeling and Analysis (pdf)

How the dynamics between the populations  of cells affects tumor growth (pdf)

Mathematical models of clonal selection and therapy resistance in acute leukemias (pdf)

Mathematical models of the transportation of anti-tumoral genetic vaccines (pdf)

Hele-Shaw models for tumor growth (pdf)

The M1 and M2 models for dose computation in radiotherapy (pdf)

  • Raphaël Serre (Aix-Marseille Université)

Metronomic chemotherapy in human lung cancer: mathematical modeling for an optimal schedule (pdf)

Statistical Classi cation for Diagnosis of Cirrhosis Patients (pdf)

An integrated computational approach for the design of patient-specific virtual tumours (pdf)

Mathematical Model Combining Oncolytic Viral Therapy and Immunotherapy (pdf)

Algebraic and topological Indices of molecular pathway networks in human cancers (pdf)