iTWIST: international Traveling Workshop on Interactions between low-complexity data models and Sensing Techniques
Colloque international et itinérant sur les interactions entre modèles de faible complexité et acquis

19 – 23 November, 2018

Registration guidelines
(Complete registration guidelines are given here on the iTWIST’18 website)
Important: If you have applied to the doctoral school, DO NOT REGISTER HERE. Information will follow by email for the accepted/refused applicants. 

To register to the iTWIST18 workshop, you must follow these two mandatory steps. Please, read them fully before to start and pay attention to mention the identification number of your accepted paper (if any) in the second form (see below).  

(Note: we apologize for any information you could need to introduce twice in these forms)

​(Step 1) Fill this first pre-registration form hosted by the CIRM. 

Please note that we only have a limited number of places! Be sure to introduce a correct email address since the Accommodation Office of the CIRM will recontact you about 6-8 weeks before the start of the event. This office will explain you how to proceed to book your accommodation in the CIRM (which is included in the fees you’ll pay in Point 2 below). 

(Step 2)  Next, fill this second form in order to 

  • Pay your fees by credit card (or, for French insitution only, by purchase order). Depending on the registration date, you’ll be required to pay 200 € or 220 € (see above).
  • Encode accepted paper information: (VERY IMPORTANT) On the second page of this second form, in the box « Comments, any precision … », in addition to any information you’d like to give us, write also the identification number of your accepted paper, if any. Just write there « Paper ID: <n>« , with <n> the 1 or 2 digits number you received from the EasyChair system when you submitted your work (see also the exchanged emails with this system).  
  • The pre-registration in Step 1 will be validated as a full registration once the iTWIST’18 registration fees are paid.