Lattice Paths, Combinatorics and Interactions
Marches aléatoires, combinatoire et interactions

21 – 25 June 2021

Poster submissions

The conference will have several poster sessions. The idea is to cover most of the progress that has been made in recent years related to lattice path questions. Our online conference will have a nice interface for poster presentations, similar to real-life poster sessions with discussions in smaller groups. We believe that such discussions are an important part of conferences, as they often offer deeper exchanges, and can lead to new collaborations. Accordingly, the posters will be of 3 types:

  1. posters on new unpublished results
  2. posters on surveys of some recent progress (where you can, for example, summarize several of your already published papers)
  3. posters on nice open questions (we will have an open problem session for this).
Everybody (senior researchers, postdocs, PhD students, etc.) is welcome to submit one (or several!) such posters. To help us organize the poster sessions, it is good if you already fill the form below. (Even if your poster is not ready now). Once you did this, you can always add your one-page poster (.pdf) later, but no later than June 14. The sooner you do so, the sooner we will send you feedback and help you if needed! We prepared a LaTeX style to help you (the zip file below, feel free to use it), and don’t hesitate to contact  for any assistance. If your work is associated with a longer article (e.g. an arXiv preprint), add this article as a hyperlink in the list of references at the end of your poster (see our Example.pdf).