CIMPA-ICTP Fellowships "Research in Pairs"

Ak-Method and Transversality condition  

24 – 28 July, 2023


Ale Jan Homburg (University of Amsterdam)
Abbas Fakhari (Shahid Beheshti University)

The course is suitable for the M.Sc students working on their thesis and for Ph.D student. The content of this mini course is:

1. Absolutely continuous measure (1 hour),
2. Anosov-Katok method and extreme examples in dynamic (3 hours),
2. One dimensional transversality condition (2 hours),
4. Why Transversality condition implies the existence of ACIP (3 hours),

The references are:

  • Y K. Oliveira and M. Viana, Foundation of ergodic theory, Cambridge University Press. February 2016.
  • Y M. Tsujii, Fat solenoidal attractors, Nonlinearity, 14, (2001),1011-1027.
  • Y B. Fayad and A. Katok Constructions in elliptic dynamics Ergod. The. Dynam. Syst., 24, (2004), 1477-1520.


Supplementary information about the course:

  • Y Research area: Dynamical Systems,
  • Y MSC: 37XX,
  • Y Keywords: Attractor, Transversality, ACIP.