ANR Micro-Blind meeting
Réunion de l’ANR Micro-Blind

6 – 10 November, 2023



Pierre Weiss (CNRS, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse)

IMPORTANT WARNING:  Scam / Phishing / SMiShing ! Note that ill-intentioned people may be trying to contact some of participants by email or phone to get money and personal details, by pretending to be part of the staff of our conference center (CIRM).  CIRM and the organizers will NEVER contact you by phone on this issue and will NEVER ask you to pay for accommodation/ board / possible registration fee in advance. Any due payment will be taken onsite at CIRM during your stay.

The ANR Micro-blind is a research project on blind inverse problems for microscopy. It involves partners from Toulouse (IMT, IRIT, CBI) and Nice, Sophia-Antipolis (I3S, INRIA). This meeting is an opportunity for the participants to meet and present their respective progress, to update the challenges of the project, to boost remote collaborations and to finalize some projects. It also allows the PhD students of the project to exchange and enrich their horizons.

L’ANR Micro-blind est un projet de recherche autour des problèmes inverses aveugles pour la microscopie. Il implique des partenaires de Toulouse (IMT, IRIT, CBI) et de Nice, Sophia-Antipolis (I3S, INRIA). Cette réunion est une occasion pour les participants de se retrouver et de présenter leurs avancées respectives, de mettre à jour les défis du projet, de dynamiser les collaborations distantes et de finaliser certains projets. Il permet aussi aux doctorants du projet d’échanger et d’enrichir leurs horizons.



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