Renormalization and Visualization in Geormetry, Dynamics and Number Theory
Renormalisation et visualisation en géométrie, dynamique et théorie des nombres

4 – 8 December 2023


Scientific Committee 
Comité scientifique 

Pierre Arnoux (Aix-Marseille Université)
Laura DeMarco (Harvard University)
Richard Evan Schwartz (Brown University)
Elise Goujard (Maitre de conferences – Université de Bordeaux)

Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Pierre Arnoux (Aix-Marseille Université)
Jayadev Athreya (University of Washington)
Nicolas Bédaride (Aix-Marseille Université)
Laura DeMarco (Harvard University)
Elise Goujard (Université de Bordeaux)

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The main conference will focus on renormalization in dynamics, geometry, and number theory. In many areas of dynamics and geometry, the ideas of renormalization and self-similarity play a crucial role. These ideas involve rescaling dynamical or geometric phenomenon to observe behaviors at multiple scales.

In this conference we will focus on the following problems:

  • Geometric models of digit algorithms
  • Symbolic models of unipotent dynamics
  • Renormalization in Interval exchanges and dynamical systems
  • Number theory and circle and sphere packings


Valérie Berthé (Université de Paris)
Serge Cantat (Université de Rennes)
Elena Fuchs (University of California, Davis)
Curtis T McMullen (University of Harvard)
Jens Markloff (University of Bristol)
Hee Oh (Yale university)
Peter Sarnak (University of Princeton)