Renormalization, computation and visualization in Geometry, Number Theory and Dynamics
Renormalisation, programmation et visualisation en géométrie, théorie des nombres et dynamique

11 – 15 September 2023


Scientific Committee 
Comité scientifique 

Pierre Arnoux (Aix-Marseille Université)
Mark Bell (Independent)
Richard Evan Schwartz (Brown University)

Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Jayadev Athreya (University of Washington)
Nicolas Bédaride (Aix-Marseille Université)
Mark Bell (Independent)
Vincent Delecroix (CNRS, Labri, Bordeaux)
Edmund Harriss (University of Arkansas)
​Kate Stange (University of Colorado)

IMPORTANT WARNING:  Scam / Phishing / SMiShing ! Note that ill-intentioned people may be trying to contact some of participants by email or phone to get money and personal details, by pretending to be part of the staff of our conference center (CIRM).  CIRM and the organizers will NEVER contact you by phone on this issue and will NEVER ask you to pay for accommodation/ board / possible registration fee in advance. Any due payment will be taken onsite at CIRM during your stay.

The workshop will focus on the computational and visualization aspects of renormalization, with an important component of the workshop being a Sage Days in which participants work to develop and optimize software that facilitates experiment and conjecture in geometry, dynamics, probability, and number theory.

There will be 2 hour problem sessions in the mornings focusing on the computational and experimental aspects of

• Geometry,
• Dynamics
• and Number Theory

There will also be a course taught by Samuel Lelievre and Thierry Monteil on the use of Sage, CoCalc, and Jupyter.



Vincent Delecroix (CNRS, Labri, Bordeaux)
Thierry Monteil (CNRS, LIPN, Université Sorbonne Paris nord)
Edmund Harriss (University of Arkansas)
Samuel Lelièvre (Université Paris Saclay)