Real analysis and geometry
Analyse réelle et géométrie

12 – 16 June 2023

Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Emmanuel Russ (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Sylvie Monniaux (Aix-Marseille Université)
El Maati Ouhabaz (Université de Bordeaux)
Gilles Carron (Université de Nantes)

The ANR project RAGE (Real Analysis and Geometry) will end on June 2023. The main subjects which will be discussed in the Workshop are related to RAGE. This includes PDE (parabolic problems), real analysis, harmonic analysis in the geometric setting. More details about this are given in the file ”Scientific content” of this application. We will invite experts in the field who will be able to present the latest developments in the area of real analysis in the geometric setting.
We plan to have three mini-courses which will be understandable by all the participants, especially PhD students and post-docs.

Ce Workshop clôturera le projet ANR RAGE (Real Analysis and Geometry).  Les thèmes du Workshop seront naturellement proches de ceux du projet ANR. Il s’agit de problèmes d’EDP (problèmes paraboliques), d’analyse réelle, analyse harmonique dans un cadre géométrique. Le but étant d’inviter des expert-e-s internationaux pour faire le point sur un certain nombre de questions directement liées au projet ANR. L’organisation prévue consiste en trois mini-cours abordables pour l’ensemble des participant-e-s, notamment les jeunes doctorant-e-s et post-doctorant-e-s.


Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helskinki)  Harmonic analysis and function spaces with matrix weights
Stefano Pigola (University of Milano Bicocca)  Global L^p elliptic estimates on Riemannian manifolds
Po Lam Yung (Australian National University)  An introduction to Fourier decoupling inequalities



Valeria Banica (Sorbonne Université)    Microlocal analysis of singular measures
Andrea Carbonaro (Università degli Studi di Genova)  Semigroup maximal operators and p-ellipticity
Tom ter Elst (University of Auckland)    The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator on C^{1+kappa}-domains
Dorothée Frey (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   Multiplication operators and an L^2 parametrix for rough wave equations
Batu Güneysu (TU Chemnitz)  A new notion of subharmonicity for locally integrable functions on locally smoothing spaces
Lukas Niebel (Ulm University)    Kinetic maximal L^p-regularity
Carlos Pérez (University of Bilbao)    Extensions of Sobolev inequalities
Chiara Rigoni (University of Trieste)  Convergence of metric measure spaces satisfying the CD condition for negative values of the dimensional parameter



Real Analysis and Geometry – RAGE