Frobenius structures & Operads
Structures de Frobenius & Opérades

5 – 9 July, 2021

At the intersection of algebra, geometry, topology and mathematical physics lies the notion of operad and Frobenius structures. An operad is a well defined mathematical object that allows to code operations with multiple entries. This universal notion can be applied to any mathematical domain as long as there exists a symmetric monoidal category. A fundamental idea arising in this context is the Koszul duality (also presented as deeply related to so-called Feynman Transform, in the language of Getzler-Kapranov). Our aim during this session is first to unravel the mathematical panorama around Frobenius sstructures (different aspects, terminologies are used), and second to study problems occurring around the Koszul duality. These objects have many di erent aspects that are not yet completely understood, and that go beyond the world of algebra, geometry, topology and mathematical physics.

Noémie Combe (MPI MiS)
Kemal Rose (MPI MiS)