Virtual Geometric Group Theory conference
Rencontre virtuelle en géométrie des groupes

1 – 5 June 2020

Indira Chatterji (Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis)
Luis Paris (Université de Bourgogne)
Karen Vogtmann (University of Warwick)

Virtual discussions rooms 

Petits salons de discussion 


Monday 9pm Social mixer: come in the lecture hall meet random other participants in small groups for a virtual five course dinner.

Tuesday 9pm Movie night: Interactive discussion panel on the movie “Secrets of the surface”, with director George Csicsery, mathematical journalist Erica Klarreich and scientific advisor Jayadev Atherya

You can watch the movie at your convenience for the duration of the conference: 
Wednesday 9pm: themed hangouts in the discussion rooms:

  • grad students hangout: meet your fellow grad students on “la terrasse »
  • postdocs hangout: meet your fellow postdocs in “la bibliothèque”
  • unhappy with your department/university? Come bitch about that in “la chapelle »
Thursday 9pm: 

GAME LUNCH/COFFEE/NIGHT: serious and fun questions to win an autographed copy of your favorite book:

Autographed by Martin Bridson: The millenium prize problems
Autographed by Mike Davis: The geometry and topology of Coxeter groups
Autographed by Benson Farb: A primer on mapping class groups
Autographed by Clara Löh: Introduction to geometric group theory
Autographed by Dan Margalit: Office hours with a geometric group theorist 
Autographed by Alain Valette: Groups with the Haagerup property

To participate in the game: join us in the main lecture hall at 9pm, ideally from you laptop or desktop, and use a smaller device to download the Kahoot app from Google Play or App Store or just connect to the Kahoot website via your browser. If you want to only use your laptop or desktop, that’s fine but you will need two separate windows that you can see at the same time (so not just two tabs).