BPS/CFT Correspondence
Correspondance BPS/CFT
9 – 13 September 2019

Scientific Committee
Comité scientifique

Sergei Gukov (Caltech Institute of Technology)
Sara Pasquetti (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Vasily Pestun (IHES)

Organizing Committee
Comité d’organisation

Nikita Nekrasov (Simons Center, Stony Brook University)
Maxim Zabzine (Uppsala University)

The conference will concentrate on latest developments in the exact calculations for the supersymmetric gauge theories defined both on compact and non-compact manifolds in various dimensions. The main interesting objects are partition functions for these gauge theories. These partition functions are very rich objects with the connections to algebraic geometry, combinatorics and infinite dimensional algebras.

​During the conference we want to concentrate on BPS/CFT correspondence which related the gauge theory partition functions to the calculations within conformal field theory and vertex algebras. One of the challenges is to understand better BPS/CFT correspondence for the case of compact manifolds.

La conférence se concentrera sur les tout derniers développements dans les calculs exacts dans les théories supersymétriques de jauge en diverses dimensions, sur les variétés de l’espace-temps à la fois compactes et non compactes. Les principaux objets d’interet sont les fonctions de partition de ces theories de jauge. Ce sont des objets tres riches avec les connexions à la geometrie algebrique, àla combinatoire et les algèbres de dimension infini.

​Au cours de la conférence, nous voulons nous concentrer sur la correspondance BPS / CFT liant les fonctions de partition de la theorie de jauge aux blocs conformes des theories conformes des champs, des algebres vertex et leurs q-analogues. L’un des defis consiste àmieux comprendre les correspondances BPS / CFT pour les varietés compactes. 


Tudor Dimofte (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo)   Holomorphic twist of 3d N=2 gauge theories, and boundary chiral algebras
Nadav Drukker (Kings College London)   ​Surface operators in the 6d N = (2; 0) theory
Guido Festuccia (Uppsala University)   Twisting with a flip or the art of Pestunization
Valentina Forini (Humboldt-University Berlin)   tba
Sergei Gukov (MPI Bonn and Caltech)    BPS/CFT in 3d
Seok Kim (Seoul National University)   AdS black holes and deconfinement
Taro Kimura (Keio University)   ​Free field realization in BPS/CFT
Peter Koroteev (University of California, Davis)   qOpers, qLanglands and Bethe Ansatz
Kimyeong Lee (Korea Inst. Advanced Study, Seoul)   BPS Objects in 5 and 6 dim SCFTs
Joseph A. Minahan (Uppsala University)   tba
Alexei Morozov (ITEP, Moscow)   tba
Fabrizio Nieri (DESY)   Epsilon-deformed W-algebras and 4d N=2 quiver gauge theories
Sara Pasquetti (University of Milano-Bicocca)   Free field correlators, IR dualities and the rank-Q E-string
Nicolo Piazzalunga (Simons Center & Uppsala University)   4G Networks
Yegor Zenkevich (University of Milano-Bicocca and ITEP, Moscow)  tba