New Advances in Symbolic Dynamics (CNRS Thematic School)
January 30 – 3 February, 2017

Subshifts have been introduced as coding of dynamical systems with discrete times and their study is at the interaction between different domains of mathematics and computer science.

The goal of this conference is to present different aspects of this subject.


Symbolic systems of low complexity

Entropy and mixing for multidimensional shifts of finite type

Scientific Committee & Organizing Committee

Fabien Durand (Université de Picardie Jules Verne)
Anna Frid (Aix-Marseille Université)
Mathieu Sablik (Aix-Marseille Université)


On corona limits


From dual substitutions to Rauzy fractals   (slides)


Almost everything I learned from Sebastien Ferenczi

On the decimal expansion of e

The Bowen property of some factor maps coding nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamics

An Urysohn-type theorem under a dynamical constraint    (slides)

Infinite measures for adic transformations

The topological entropy and correlational properties of the discretized Markov b-transformations and their applications   (slides)

Coverable words and languages

  • Arek Goetz (San Francisco State University)     


​Computing the entropy of mixing tiling spaces   (slides)

Exemple d’Arnoux-Yoccoz, fractal de Rauzy, problème de Novikov: brins d’une guirlande éternelle   (slides)

Pattern recognition and complexity

Ergodic invariant measures for finite rank Bratteli diagrams   (slides)

On the partitions with Sturmian-like refinements   (slides)

The Weyl pseudometric and the Krieger Theorem    (slides)

Dynamics of of adding machines

  • Aleksey ​ Minabutdinov (Higher School of Economics Russia)      

Limiting curves for a class of self-similar adic transformations   (slides)

On a conjecture of Sebastien

  • Kyewon Park (Korea Inst. for Advanced Study)      

Z2-subshifts and their directional complexities

Sébastien’s first steps    (slides)

Outer billiards : aperiodic points outside regular polygons

Continued fraction algorithms and Lagrange’s theorem in Qp

alpha-Deformations for an infinite class of continued fractions   (slides)

Rauzy fractals in the p-adic world

The Triple Lattice PETs