Gevrey Smoothing for Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation: the Non Maxwellian Case
April 11-22, 2016
It has long been suspected that the non-cutoff Boltzmann operator has similar coercivity properties as a fractional Laplacian. This has led to the conjecture, by Desvillettes and Wennberg, in 2004, that the weak solution of the non-cutoff homogenous Boltzmann equation with initial datum having nite mass, energy and entropy, should immediately become Gevrey regular.

Our aim during this Research in pairs meeting is to study the regularization properties in the non Maxwellian case, extending thus the result we obtained previously in the Maxwellian case.


Jean-Marie Barbaroux (Université Sud Toulon-Var)
Hundertmark (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Tobias Ried (LMU Munich)
Semjon Wugalter (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)