Joint Seminar on Geometric Analysis
2-3 September, 2016
The scientific aims and scopes of the seminar are geometric analysis in a wide sense. It ranges from the interplay of differential geometry with analysis or dynamics to geometric measure theory, geometric functions theory or geometric group theory, including the interactions with mathematical physics.

Geometric analysts affiliated, currently or in the past, to a math lab in the South of France, attend this seminar to listen to authors reporting on their most recent works. The seminar prompts informal discussions and exchanges of ideas about research under progress or announced results, and can initiate collaborations.

Organizing & scientific committee

Philippe Delanoë (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis)


Représentations Anosov et espaces-temps conformément plats

Isopérimétrie et compression Lp équivariante des groupes de type fini

Variétés asymptotiquement harmoniques de courbure négatives

Difféomorphismes du cercle qui préservent l’aire

Maximisation des valeurs propres de Steklov sur une surface
Régularité et quantification des applications harmoniques à bord libre

Compact Sobolev embedding and torsion function