Probabilistic Aspects of Multiple Ergodic Averages
December 5 – 9, 2016
The originality of this conference is to bring together researchers in ergodic theory, probability theory and mathematical statistical physics to exchange expertise and techniques in order to create inspiring climate where new ideas and knowledge can emerge and new collaboration and cross fertilization will occur.

This is motivated by recent works on the fluctuation properties of multiple ergodic theory, by the unexpected connection with lattice models in statistical physics, and by the multifractal structure of level sets of such averages.

These problems are still in their infancy and new ideas are needed to make breakthroughs because classical techniques used for the usual averages fail.


Aspects of uniformity In the theory of multiple recurrence

From symmetric doubling maps to alpha-continued fractions

Some remarks on weighted birkhoff averages

Mini-Cours: Operators in ergodic theory

  • Yuri Kifer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Pennsylvania)

Ergodic and limit theorems for generalized nonconventional sums and another extension of the Szemerédi’s theorem

Mini-Cours: Multiple ergodic theorems: old and new

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Jean-René Chazottes (Ecole polytechnique)
Cor Kraaikamp (TU Delft)
Frank Redig (TU Delft)

Multiple mixing and higher correlations for hyperbolic systems

Impact of a sample procedure on a Gibbs tree   (pdf)

Probabilistic properties of non-conventional ergodic averages   (pdf)

Limit theorem for multiple averages and strict ergodicity

On the intersections of times 2 and times 3 invariant sets   (pdf)