French-American Conference on Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs
June 12 – 16, 2017

Descriptions of real life processes often lead to the formulation of evolution equations of various types among which are nonlinear dispersive equations. The problems considered have their origins mostly in physics in subjects such as general relativity, quantum mechanics, water waves, nonlinear elasticity, various field theories, etc. In some evolution processes, a prescribed restriction (or boundedness) over time is given and the question is then whether the boundedness property remains forever, or a certain « unboundedness » can occur (e.g., a freak wave in the ocean or a self-focusing burn in laser optics). These evolution processes are so fundamental in nature, yet we are still in the infancy of their full analytical description.

The field of nonlinear dispersive equations has been experiencing a dramatic growth over the last twenty years. Many new ideas and techniques emerged, enabling mathematicians to work on problems which until quite recently seemed untouchable. One of the key concepts at the heart of the field is that of nonlinear wave interactions. These interactions occur when waves, moving possibly with different speeds and in different directions, intersect. While in the linear theory such waves obey the principle of superposition, in nonlinear equations there is always some interaction. Initial research was concerned with interactions of small amplitude waves, which leads to small perturbations of linear regimes. If the interactions are strong enough, then they may create new waves or even lead to blow-up, or singularity formation.

The goal of this program is three-fold:
1)  to survey recent developments in the field
2) to bring together mathematicians who study the field from different angles. Some develop analytical methods, some create numerical approaches, while others study physical or experimental aspects of such nonlinear evolution equations
3) to bring young researchers together and help establish networking connections between the US and French researchers.        

We plan to have several keynote talks given by mathematicians who are leaders in the field, then complement these talks with a number of more specialized one-hour talks in targeted areas, and also incorporate half-hour talks by the younger researchers. We also plan to have an evening event on careers in math worldwide.

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Rémi Carles (Université de Montpellier)
Justin Holmer (
Brown University)
Svetlana Roudenko (The George Washington University)

Plenary Speakers

​Dispersion phenomena on the Heisenberg group  when the vertical frequency tends to 0   (pdf)

Dynamics of almost parallel vortex filaments​

Numerical schemes for nonlinear Schrödinger equation

​Bound from below of the exterior energy for the wave equation and
applications   (pdf)

Ground states and dynamics for perturbed critical NLS   (pdf)

Continuations beyond the singularity, loss of phase, stochastic interactions, and universality   (pdf)

​​Numerical study of solitons, dispersive shock waves and blow-up

​​Solitons vs Collapses   (pdf)

On the periodic Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation   (pdf)

Strongly interacting solitary waves for NLS

Stokes wave and dynamics of complex singularities in 2D hydrodynamics with free surface

A rigidity result for the Camassa-Holm equation​ and applications   (pdf)

​Randomization and dynamics in nonlinear PDE: an overview

Infinitely many conserved quantities for the cubic Gross-Pitaevskii
hierarchy in 1D​   (pdf)

The wave equation on a model convex domain revisited​   

​Dynamical and Spectral Properties of Bose-Einstein Condensates   (pdf)

Soliton Resolution for Derivative NLS equation​

On the Growth of Sobolev Norms in a compact setting​   (pdf)

Dispersive waves in novel 2d media; Honeycomb structures, Edge States and the Strong Binding Regime

Unresolved problems in the theory of integrable systems (pdf)
Rayleigh statistics of waves in integrable nonlinear systems   (pdf)
Integrability of Deep Water Equations   (pdf)
(image 1)   (image 2)   (image 3) 
(surface.mp4)   (main-poles.mp4)   (pirate-gravity.mp4)

Shorts talks

The Sine-Gordon regime of the Landau-Lifshitz equation with a strong easy-plane anisotropy   (pdf)

Instability of solitary waves in Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation   (pdf)

Stable solitons in the 1D cubic-quintic NLS with a delta-function potential   (pdf)

Nonlinear Effects in the Exciton-Polariton System   (pdf)

Scattering for Nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations posed on product spaces   (pdf)

Dispersive partial differential equations on the half-line   (pdf)

Flash presentations

Rémi Carles (Université de Montpellier)  Universal dynamics for the logarithmic Schrödinger equation   (pdf)
Vianney Combet (Université de Lille)   Minimal mass blow up solutions for L2 critical nonlinear dispersive equations (pdf)
Simão Correia (Universidade de Lisboa)   (pdf)
Magdalena Czubak (University of Colorado Boulder)   (pdf)
Jorge Drumond Silva (Universidade de Lisboa)   (pdf)
Romain Duboscq (INSA Toulouse)   (pdf)
Sylvain Ervedoza (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse)   (pdf)

Cristi Guevara (Louisiana State University)   (pdf)
Anudeep Kumar (George Washington University)   (pdf)
Liviu Ignat (Simion Stoilow Institute)  Dispersion on Trees   (pdf)
Dana Mendelson (University of Chicago)   (pdf)
Oleksandr Minakov (SISSA, Trieste)  Asymptotics for solutions of the Cauchy problem with step-like initial data for integrable equations   (pdf)
Giuseppe Negro (Université Paris XIII – ICMAT)   (pdf)
Nejla Nouaili (Université Paris Dauphine)   (pdf)
Brian Pigott (Wofford College)   (pdf)
Sarah Raynor (Wake Forest University)   (pdf)
Miguel Rodrigues (Université Rennes 1)   About periodic waves of dispersive equations   (pdf)
Matthew Rosenzweig (University of Texas, Austin)   (pdf)
Frédéric Valet (Université de Strasbourg)  Construction of finite time blow up for the Wave Map System   (pdf)
Kai Yang (George Washington University)   (pdf)