Geometry of Singular Spaces and Maps
March 2 – 6, 2015
Singularity theory, geometry and topology work with each other, and the collaboration has led to many rich connections with various fields such as symplectic and contact topology,  homology theories, metric geometry. Recently, many new connections have appeared. For example, low dimensional topology and new homology theories have brought new invariants to singularity theory, applications of metric geometry also form a very fruitful new directions.   In the last years, there were also significant new results in various areas such as non-isolated singularities or equisingularity theory, mainly supported by topological or geometrical methods.
We have chosen to concentrate on complex singularity theory and on five areas in particular, among which there have already been strong interactions :
– Equisingularity of spaces and mappings
– Bilipschitz geometry of complex spaces
– Contact and symplectic geometry  and singularity theory
– Low dimensional topological methods in singularity theory.
– Geometry of  non-isolated singularities.

Scientific Committee

Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas (University of São Paulo)
Adam Parusinski (Université de Nice)
Guillaume Valette (Institute of Maths – Polish Academy of Sciences)
Andras Némethi (University of Budapest)
Terence Gaffney (Northeastern University)

Organizing Committee

Jean-Paul Brasselet (CNRS & Aix-Marseille Université)
Anne Pichon (Aix-Marseille Université)