Coherent States and their Applications: A Contemporary Panorama
November 14-18, 2016

Coherent states (CS) have enjoyed during the recent years a considerable development in many avenues of physics and they have grown into a flourishing topic in mathematics, in particular, at the interface of the latter with physics (e.g. quantization methods). A number of textbooks have been devoted to them, as well as a special issue of Journal of Physics A: theoretical and mathematical in 2012. In view of the fast progress that has taken place, it seems that it is now time to assess the situation and survey the recent developments.
Scientific & Organizing Committee

Jean-Pierre Antoine (Université catholique de Louvain)
Fabio Bagarello (University of  Palermo)
Jean-Pierre Gazeau (Université Paris Diderot)
S. Twareque Ali (Concordia University) – Deceased on January 24, 2016


Square integrable representations, an invaluable tool: from coherent states to quantum mechanics on phase space

  • Isiaka Aremua (Université de Lomé, Togo)

su (1,1) coherent states for Landau levels: Physical and mathematical description

Renormalization in spin foam quantum gravity with coherent states

Affine Coherent State Quantization and Quantum Cosmology

Coherent states and non-commutative surfaces in higher genera

New applications of coherent states in quantum information theory

Construction of linear and nonlinear coherent states using GHA

Regularised Bianchi IX potential

Phase retrieval in infinite dimensions

Entanglement of quantum circular states of light

Covariant integral quantization of the unit disk

Coherent and minimum energy states of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field

Hankel operators and the Dixmier trace on the Hardy space

Coherent states, Support Vector Machines and function estimation

Wavelet Approximation Theory in Higher Dimensions

Coherent states for unitary quantum evolution for time-dependent

  • Katarzyna Górska (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Hermite polynomials in two complex variables Mathematical properties

Non-Hermitian coherent states for finite-dimensional systems

Coherent state transforms for compact groups, and their large-N limits

Hermite polynomials in two complex variables

Coherent states for supersymmetric partners of solvable systems

Representations of CCR describing infinite coherent states

Enhanced Quantization: The Right Way to Quantize Everything

Wigner-like function for variable spin systems: semiclassical limit and asymptotic quantization

Coherent states in a study of time problem

Two dimensional de Sitter spinors and their SL (2,R) covariance

Orthogonal polynomials attached to coherent states for the symmetric Pöschl-Teller oscillator

Classical and quantum Kummer shape algebras

Fermionic coherent states in infinite dimensions

The essential role of coherent states in quantum gravity

Spacetime replication of continuous-variable quantum information

Higher order squeezing of noncommutative q-photon-added coherent states

Reproducing pairs and Gabor systems at critical density

Geometric aspects of coherent states

Coherent states in Loop Quantum Gravity and phase spaces of shapes of polyhedra

The anatomy of coherent states

Coherent state quantization and the Heisenberg uncertainty relation in the quaternionic setting

Shearlets: Theory, applications and generalizations

Coherent spaces, Boolean rings and their applications

Finite dimensional Hilbert space: Spin Coherent, Basis Coherent and Anti-coherent states

In memoriam S. Twareque Ali
Jean-Pierre Antoine (pdf)
Fabio Bagarello   (pdf)
Gerald A. Goldin   (pdf)