Spectral Theory of Novel Materials
April 18 – 22, 2016

Remarkable progress achieved recently in production of novel materials has raised important mathematical questions. The aim of the proposed workshop is to address these new challenges.

We plan to bring together mathematicians of different backgrounds with physicists to examine together prospective new directions in this area, with the emphasis on nano-materials (such as carbon nanotubes, graphen, graphynes, etc.), metamaterials (including photonic crystals and invisibility cloaking), and topological insulators.

Scientific Committee

Jean Bellissard (Georgia Tech University)
Pavel Exner (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Motoko Kotani (AIMR Japan)
Ari Laptev (Imperial College London)
Graeme Milton (University of Utah)

Organizing Committee

Pavel Exner (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Motoko Kotani (AIMR Japan)
Peter Kuchment (Texas A&M University)
Valentin A. Zagrebnov (Aix-Marseille Université)


  • Claude Amra (Aix-Marseille Université) & Michel Bellieud (Université de Montpellier)

Heat flow with thermal metamaterials

Effective medium theory to mimic the fields scattered by metallic particles with insulators

Uniqueness for an inverse problem in electromagnetism with partial data

Heat kernel estimates on arbitrary Riemannian manifolds

From the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to AC-Conductivity Measures of
Interacting Fermions in Disordered Media

Asymptotic behaviour of the spectra of systems of Maxwell equations in periodic composite media with high contrast

Topological nature of the Fu-Kane-Mele invariants

Metamaterials, transformation optics for waves engineering

Overdamping in gyroscopic systems composed of high-loss and lossless components

Discrete diffraction managed solitons: Threshold phenomena and rapid decay for general nonlinearities

Mechanical Metamaterials

Twisted equivariant K-theory and topological phases

Rigorous Analogies Between Quantum Systems and Certain Wave Equations

Spectrum of the Neumann-Poincaré operator  and plasmon resonance

Topological and invisible photonic crystals

Electronic quantum optics with quantum Hall edge channels and topological insulators

Gysin maps and bulk-edge correspondence

Material-dictated upper bounds for scattering response in linear systems

Stability of Frustration-Free Ground States of Quantum Spin Systems

Scattering matrix and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps

Applications and stabilities of negative index materials

A discrete surface theory on 3-valent graphs embedded in 3-dimensional Euclidean space

Emergent anyons in quantum Hall physics

Spectrally embedded bound states for quantum graphs

Analyticity of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map for Maxwell’s Equations in
Passive Composite Media

Negative refraction in a laminate