Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry and Characteristic p
September 12 – 16, 2016

Over the past years, there has been substantial and rapid progress in the understanding of higher dimensional algebraic varieties in characteristic p > 0, specifically from the point of view of the minimal model program. Techniques first developed in commutative algebra and representation theory in the 1980s have begun to be employed extensively.
Further development and dissemination of these methods is still needed. It has become clear that in order for further progress to be made, connections with arithmetic aspects of varieties in characteristic p > 0 must be explored and addressed.
Recent applications of Berkovich spaces to birational algebraic geometry suggest one approach to deal with these arithmetic problems one encounters in characteristic p.

This workshop will bring together researchers from several distinct areas within algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry with the goal of disseminating recent techniques and forging new research connections.

Scientific & Organizing Committee
Manuel Blickle  (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)
Karl Schwede (University of Utah)
Chenyang Xu (Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research)

Lecture Series

Crystalline cohomology, period maps, and applications to K3 surfaces

The non-archimedean SYZ bration and Igusa zeta functions


The direct summand conjecture and its derived variant

Singularities of log pairs in characteristic two

Towards a link theoretic characterization of smoothness

Rational points on log Fano 3-fold over a finite field

Higgs sheaves on singular spaces and the Miyaoka-Yau Inequality for
minimal varieties of general type

Endomorphisms of Drinfeld half-spaces over a finite field

Deformation of F-injectivity   (pdf)

Hodge ideals

On projectivity of the moduli space of stable surfaces in characteristic p > 5

  • Sergey Rybakov (Russian Academy of Sciences and
    National Research University Higher School of Economics)

On zeta functions of cubic surfaces over finite fields

Stratified vector bundles on simply connected varieties in positive

Log birational boundedness of Calabi-Yau pairs

General hyperplane sections of canonical 3-folds in positive characteristic

Fourier-Mukai partners of canonical covers in positive characteristic

Fundamental Groups of F-regular Singularities via F-Signature

The Hodge ring of varieties in positive characteristic

On the characterization of abelian Varieties for log pairs in characteristic
zero and p > 0.