Dynamics of Evolution Equations
March 21-25, 2016
This conference is mainly devoted to the study of dynamical systems generated by ODEs and PDEs. We intend to develop the interactions between several domains such as finite-dimensional dynamical systems, PDEs, control theory, biological modeling, random dynamical systems, dynamical systems on networks or graphs…

Besides classical research talks in the mornings, several thematic afternoons devoted to discussions, mini-courses, surveys and open problems will be organized.

Hale Conferences

This conference is the second of a series dedicated to the memory of Prof. Jack Hale (the first one took place at Georgia Tech in 2013), emphasizing research programs in dynamical systems and training of doctoral students and young researchers. Both aspects were the hallmark of the work of Prof. Jack Hale.
At this conference, Constantine Dafermos (Brown University, Providence, USA) will give a lecture on Prof. Jack Hale and his work.

Young researchers (especially graduate students and post-docs) are strongly encouraged to present a poster at this conference.

George Sell was a member of the scientific committee. He passed away on May 29, 2015.  We deeply miss him.
Scientific Committee

Shui-Nee Chow (Georgia Tech University)
Jérôme Buzzi (Université Paris-Sud)

Organizing Committee

Romain Joly (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Geneviève Raugel (Université Paris-Sud)
Yingfei Yi (University of Alberta and Jilin University)

Hale Lectures

Dynamics of bounded solutions of parabolic equations on the real line

Thematic afternoons

PDEs and dynamical systems

Finite-dimensional dynamical systems

Dynamics of biological systems

Dynamics and Control theory

Plenary speakers

A multi-dimensional Birkhoff theorem for non autonomous Hamiltonian flows

Asymptotic behavior of degenerate logistic parabolic equations

Variational and viscosity solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation

Stabilization of wave equations with rough damping

Quasi-periodic solutions for state dependent delay equations

Considerations on sliding motion for piecewise smooth systems of Filippov type

Sturm global attractors which are 3-balls – Part. 2

Remarks on Nonlinear Stabilization

A review of the cubic Szegő equation

Stability of periodic waves in water-wave models

Discrete breathers in granular chains

  • Min Ji (Academy of Sciences, Beijing)

An Integral Identity, Measure Estimates for Stationary Fokker-Planck Equations

Threshold Results for Deterministic and Stochastic Epidemic Models

SRB measures, entropy, and horseshoes for infinite dimensional dynamical

Regularity of Solutions of Delay Differential Equations

Dynamic Signatures Generated by Regulatory Networks

Quasi-periodic solutions with beating effects for the quintic NLS on
the circle

Sturm global attractors which are 3-balls Part. 1

Global controllability to trajectories for the viscous Burgers equation

Perturbation theory for semigroups of operators that are not strongly continuous

Smoothness of inertial manifolds revisited

Short talks

Entropy, volume growth and SRB measures for Banach space map-pings

Dichotomy, the closed range theorem and optimal control

Structural stability of uniform attractors: topological and geometrical

Some simple problems for the next generations

Generalized reflectionless potentials and the K-dV equation

Existence of connecting orbits with numerics

Codiagonalization of Matrices and Existence of Multiple Homoclinic Solutions

Dissipativity in nonautonomous linear-quadratic control processes

Human mobility in epidemic models and non-local diffusions

Synchronization and Applications

Diffusion in the bulk and non-diagonal flux on the boundary lead to Turing type instabilities

Entropy of Lagrangian systems and invariant sets of extended gradient systems

Convergence to steady-state and boundary layer profiles in a linear chromatography system

Local invariant manifolds for delay differential equations with states in the Fréchet space