Conference on Noncommutative Geometry
November 2 – 6, 2015
One of the aims of noncommutative geometry is to generalize the main tools of geometry to a class of regular enough C*-algebras that can be considered as «noncommutative spaces» and  thus get applications in geometry, analysis, number theory and quantum mechanics. This involves many different tools and questions. This conference will make an overview of some of them :

  • Index theorems and applications.
  • Applications of cohomological theories. Baum-Connes conjecture.
  • Geometric group theory and Von Neumann Algebras.
  • Quantum Groups, subfactors.

  • Groupoids and applications.

We intend to spend one day on each of the preceding themes. An expert of each theme will be asked to give an overview of the subject, and this will be followed by more recent results or particularly important results. The aim is to get an overview on the recent progress on all of these themes together with a glimpse of their interactions.

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Claire Debord (Université Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand)
Pierre-Yves Le Gall (Université Paris-Sud)
Jean-Louis Tu (Université de Lorraine)
Stefaan Vaes (K.U. Leuven University)
Stéphane Vassout (Université Paris Diderot)
Roland Vergnioux (Université de Caen)


From groups to semigroups and groupoids

  • Saad Baaj (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)

Quelques applications de l’équivalence monoidale des groupes quantiques localement compacts

Unification et modèle spectral

C*-algebras associated with algebraic actions

Central extensions of current Lie algebras

Group actions on Banach spaces

Compact bicrossed products

Geometric dimension and approximations in orbit equivalence

KK-theory for reduced free product C*-algebras

The geometry and noncommutative geometry of parabolic induction

Asymptotic structure and rigidity of free product von Neumann algebras

On the Lp Baum-Connes conjecture

Quelques aperçus du programme de Langlands

Representations of groupoid C*-algebras and invertibility

Indomitable rho-invariants

Approximating freeness under constraints, with applications

Semigroupes, P-graphes et groupoïdes

Supramenable groups and their actions on locally compact spaces and

Homotopy invariants of closed manifolds through higher signatures

Free probability of type B and asymptotics of nite-rank perturbations of ran-
dom matrices

Cohomology and L2-Betti numbers for subfactors and quasi-regular inclusions

Expanders and box spaces

The bi-free extension of free probability

Dimension and K-theory