Digital Humanities : Critical Edition of Diderot and D’Alembert’s Encyclopedia
October 5 – 9, 2015

The ongoing work on a digital critical edition of Diderot and D’Alembert’s Encyclopédie has given rise to an ambitious international Digital Humanities project, supported by the Académie des Sciences, called ENCCRE (which stands for ‘Edition Numérique Collaborative Critique de l’Encyclopédie’). Involving a team of 50 specialists, it is based on cooperation between researchers from different countries working in a variety of disciplines; this diversity of disciplines and critical approaches corresponds to the range of fields of knowledge found in the Encyclopédie. ENCCRE will provide a digital tool adapted to the complexity of the Encyclopédie from the editorial point of view, while at the same time being able to keep up with changes in methods of reading and research. After several workshops, some of which (in particular in 2013) took place at the CIRM, we now wish to organise a meeting involving all of the project members after the first 18 months of work together. The CIRM is the ideal place for this type of intensive intellectual exchange, as the ‘D’Alembert Group’ knows very well after meeting there for twelve years to prepare the edition of D’Alembert’s complete works. The meeting is planned to last for five days, at the beginning of October 2015, in order to ensure in-depth papers and discussions, which are vital for true collective work. It will bring together the whole team (composed of full-time researchers, university professors and doctoral students), comprising historians of mathematics, philosophy, chemistry, literature, medicine, music, geography, as well as book historians, who are pooling their skills in a project in which specialists in the human sciences and information technology work together with technical staff. This international meeting will involve participants from France, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and the USA (see the attached list), who have already confirmed their presence. Most of them are involved in the ongoing application for ANR funding for this critical digital edition, a multidisciplinary project which corresponds to that of the Encyclopédie itself.

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Alexandre Guilbaud (UPMC, IMJ-PRG)
Marie Leca-Tsiomis (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Irène Passeron (


– Irène Passeron (CNRS-IMJ-PRG), Jean-Pierre Schandeler (CNRS,IRCL), Marie Jacob (SYRTE), Christophe Schmit (CNRS, SYRTE), Guillaume Jouve (ESPE Lille, Laboratoire de mathématiques de Lens) , Frédéric Chambat (ENS Lyon) :
« Point sur l’édition des Oeuvres complètes de D’Alembert »

Alexandre Guilbaud (UPMC, IMJ-PRG), Marie Leca-Tsiomis (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, CSLF), Irène Passeron (CNRS, IMJ-PRG), Alain Cernuschi (Université de Lausanne) :
« Présentation générale du projet d’Edition Numérique Collaborative et Critique de l’Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’Alembert (ENCCRE) »

Alexandre Guilbaud, Marie Leca-Tsiomis, Irène Passeron, Alain Cernuschi :  « Terminologie des données encyclopédiques et politique de repérage »

–  Alexandre Guilbaud, Marie Leca-Tsiomis, Irène Passeron, Alain Cernuschi : « Présentation d’un premier cahier des charges pour l’annotation critique de l’Encyclopédie »

Frank A. Kafker et Jeff Loveland (University of Cincinnati, Etats-Unis) :            « André-François Le Breton, initiateur et libraire en chef de l’Encyclopédie ».

Vincent Barrellon, Pierre-Edouard Portier (LIRIS, INSA de Lyon) :
Collaborative Construction of a Digital Critical Edition : Available Tools, Limitations and Prospects ».