Spectrum of Random Graphs
January 4 – 8, 2016
The spectral analysis of matrices defined on deterministic or random graphs is a topic which attracts a growing attention in various branches of mathematics, computer science and theoretical physics. The motivation comes from many distinct directions: random matrices, random Schrödinger operators, quantum ergodicity, countable groups or expander graphs with an emphasis either on eigenvalues or eigenvectors.

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Charles Bordenave (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
Alice Guionnet (MIT)
Balint Virag (University of Toronto)


Quantum ergodicity on large graphs

Spectral measures of factor of i.i.d. processes on the regular tree

A comparison of mixing times of the simple and non-backtracking random walks on random graphs with given degrees

On some problems and techniques in spectral geometry

Quantum chaos and random matrices

Eigenvalues, Expected Traces, and Expected Zeta Functions of Random Graphs

Connections between colorings in random graphs and digraphs

Does diffusion determine the geometry of a graph?

Local eigenvalues statistics for random regular graphs

Dyson’s spike in random Schrödinger operators

Spectra of Random Stochastic Matrices and Relaxation in Complex Systems

Concentration and regularization of random graphs

Free probability and random graphs

Non-backtracking spectrum of random graphs: community detection and non-regular Ramanujan graphs

Deviation inequalities and CLT for random walks on acylindrically hyperbolic groups

Spectra of large diluted but bushy random graphs

Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem and Spectrally Thin Trees

The Poisson Voronoi tessellation in hyperbolic space

Random irregular graphs are nearly Ramanujan

The cutoff phenomenon for random walk on random directed graphs

The Wegner orbital model

On the limit approach to random regular graphs

Invertibility of the adjacency matrix of a random